This was wrtten by an an amazing young man, Josh Maccorquodale. Josh, who gave his heart to the Lord the first night of Ignite Triton, put his story into rhymes and shares how his life was changed at Ignite Triton.


Uhhhhh. Ive been all around my city and I’ve witnessed many murders . But one thing I never lose is my strength and my composure. Never say I didn’t tell ya… When u know dat I told you. I grew up in a rough type of dope dealing living. But I know god really put me there for a reason or mayby just for the feeling. We started ignite triton off with my soul and gods healing. I just wish you knew the feeling. Of the lord up in my face saying josh quit stealing, drinking, and thinking about killing your own mom and dad cuz they stay high as the celling. Your a grown man now josh, I heard him say. Your in my hands now and I’ll show u the way. The way to success and life without breathing. This air you need to share with the life and I mean it. So I’m doing better now and so is my fiance. She getting a job and she bout to have her life straight. I thank the lord for every moment. Some I can’t see but I can feel it I can hold it. If u ever feel like you ain’t never ganna make it. Close yo eyes and pray to god. Cuz only he know how to shape it. He made the mountains that we can’t climb.. better believe it…. He made the waters that we drink from.. I know you seen it… He gave his life on the cross with so much blood loss.. he is our saviour forever please believe in this song. #joshmccorquodale