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Gathering 120 hrs to break a 120 year drought!

  • 120 hrs.

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Ignite Wilmington: 10 days of uniting Wilmington with Jesus at its center! September 13-23, 2015

The Lord has given us a mandate break-open the historic port over Wilmington by ushering in 10 days of 24/7 united worship & prayer. He also desires to merge worship teams from the north with teams here in the south during these 10 days.  Worshipers from the Carolinas  all the way to Pennsylvania are all ready coming! Jesus is ready to fill wilmington with a new sound!

Starting @ 7:00p.m. on September 13 (Feast of Trumpets), ignite wilmington will kick off 240 consecutive hrs of unending worship-prayer-intercession-outreach-community.  By lifting up “Just Jesus” throughout the 10 days, we believe that HE will come and break down every dividing wall in Wilmington while breaking open deep revival wells within the city. Therefore, we are calling for young adults, students, every generation as well as every nation to gather under the Jesus tent in front of Legion Stadium in Wilmington, N.C. to worship, contend, pray, and love Wilmington with us.

Word from the Lord about Ignite Wilmington:

I want to move here in Wilmington. During the Reverse the Curse prayer March in 2013 the gate of the enemy was closed. Now, in 2015, I want you to RE-OPEN the port so that I can walk in! For 10 days & nights I want you to gather leaders and people to worship me! To seek my face! Over those 10 days, I will break the cycles of sin and spiritual slavery over Wilmington. This is the year I will come through the open port. As you gather the fathers of the city I will gather the sons. Through this gathering I will redeem Wilmington in 3 ways: I will redeem her people, land, and destiny.

September 25-October 1:  Ignite Goldsboro

On the night of the Feast of Trumpets, worship teams from all over the Carolinas’ are coming to invade the historic city of Goldsboro, N.C. and fill the streets with unending worship, prayer, fiery intercession, and ministry for 147 straight hours (7days for 24/7).  He has given us a mandate to “break down walls, while breaking-open ancient wells of revival!”The Lord is stirring our hearts to go 24/7 for 7 days under the tent in the downtown portions of the city believing the presence of God & the Holiness of God is going to explode and break down every wall of division, break open old revival wells, and set the entire city on fire with the flames of God’s love!Therefore, we are blowing the trumpet and inviting all young adults, worship teams, intercessors, pastors, and other key leaders all over the Carolinas to come and take part in this historic gathering that we believe is going to turn the heart of the city back to the Lord! We highly encourage you to bring shofars, flags & banners of worship, prophetic art, and any other expressive forms of worship. Our goal is to break down walls of division while breaking-opening ancient wells or Revival and bring Heaven to Goldsboro!

Check out the link below  for the full schedule for ignite Goldsboro!



October 17-18: Phenomenon Conference:


This 2 day revival conference will be held in Greenville, N.C. and hosted by our good friend Matthew Lilley and the Burn Greenville.  Frontline Minisitres of South Carolina will be leading a 24/7 Fire on the Alter throughout the night.  Speakers & Artists include: Sean Feucht, David Bradshaw, Niko Peele, Matthew Lilley and Michael Thornton









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