Jesus Tent to Massachusetts


I am so excited to announce that the Jesus Tent will be going to Massachusetts October 8-12! After an explosive year of setting the tent up on 312 Azusa Street in Los Angels, CA (Azusa Now) and then to Dunn, NC (Azusa East) we are now turning our sights to the northern regions of the east coast. A major door has opened for us in New England on the historic Northfield Campus. This school was first founded by the famed revivalists D.L. Moody and is widely known for its epic revival meetings.

We feel the Lord is in the midst of breaking-open this well once again! We sense the Lord is calling the Carolinas to align and strengthen the worship & prayer movement that is going on in this portion of America. It’s a Psalm 107 type moment where the South and the North are pregnant with a redemptive storyline that God’s wants to birth. His heart burns to bring the North and South together! These two regions, which have been separated by slavery, the civil war and cultural divides, are beginning to awaken! Something is going on. Join us as we labor to build day & night prayer for 5 days under the tent and see King Jesus rip-open this deep well of Global Missions!

Mission: To unite the Carolinas and New England through 5 days of (24/7) unending prayer, worship and devotion unto Jesus and one another. We also desire to build an infrastructure of friendships and family based relationships that will be able to connect what God is doing for the entire east coast.

Some of the Teams Involved:
10 Days National
YWAM Boston
10 Days Boston
Atlanta House of Prayer
Ignite: Jesus Tent
And many others…

Brief History of D.L. Moody and Northfield Campus

The Birthplace of the Student Missions Movement (Mt. Herman 100)

In the mid 1800s the college campuses of America began to ache for global evangelization. Sensing this cry among college students, D. L. Moody, the famed evangelist, decided to hold a student gathering in Mt. Herman, Massachusetts, during the summer of 1886. College students showed up from all over.

The highlight of the conference came when Robert Wilder called a meeting for all those interested in foreign missions. Gripped to see a global missions movement, a hundred students rushed to the front and pledged themselves to become missionaries. The group became known as the Mt. Herman 100.

Wilder spent the next year circuit-riding 167 college campuses sharing the story of what happened in Mt. Herman, Massachusetts. Students volunteered by the thousands. Within just two years five thousand students had answered the call “for global evangelization in one generation.”

The mantle of D. L. Moody had exploded over these students. The mission fields of the world were suddenly blitzed with young burning kids who preached the simple gospel with power.

As the movement continued to spread among campuses, it became known as the Student Volunteer Movement for Foreign Missions (SVM). Some believe the Student Volunteer Movement was one of the greatest mobilization movements in history.

Remarkably, Massachusetts and the New England region birthed this incredible movement that converted entire nations to the gospel. Who knows just how many people groups throughout the world have been won to Jesus through these campus missionaries?