“Michael Thornton is a man on fire for Jesus and a man of character and integrity. He is the real deal. He is burning for Jesus whether he is speaking to 500 or sitting in my living room. We have been honored to partner with Ignite for catalytic worship and prayer events, and we will continue to do so. I highly endorse Michael and Amber Thornton.”

Matthew Lilley

Director, The Burn Greenville

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“Mike Thornton is an incredible and loving man of God, a humble leader, an amazing friend, and a legendary revival don in the Carolinas who is full of character and integrity. It’s a joy to be running in full partnership with him and Ignite Ministries to see the fires of awakening and revival spread throughout the Carolinas and to call forth an army of young revivalist-reformers to emerge on there campuses, cities, and churches.”

Niko Peele

Campus Missionary, IGNITE Carolina Campus

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“It is my opinion that Michael would be a great asset to any organization, church or denomination. He is creative, holds to the truth of God’s Word, and seeks God’s will and direction through prayer in the power of The Holy Spirit. I believe Michael has a pioneer spirit, and God will use him in the future to lead a renewal effort in this country. He is fearless in his approach, yet, humble in his demeanor. “

Dr. Elvin Butts

President, Heritage Bible College

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Mike Thornton has done exhaustive research in order to give us this new life of Gaston Barnabas Cashwell, the father of Southern Pentecostalism.  It adds new and previously unknown facts concerning Cashwell’s life and ministry.  I recommend this to everyone interested in early Pentecostalism in the United States.

Vinson Synan
Dean Emeritus
Regent University School of Divinity

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Having grown up in the 20th Century Pentecostal revival, I have heard stories about Crumpler, Cashwell and others all my life.  Until now, I never had a way to sort out fact from fiction.  When a book, so well researched from primary source documents comes along, you have to take it all in.  Even with the struggles of the movement, I am honored to stand on the shoulders of the Pentecostal leaders who have come before me.  I am equally thrilled to know there are leaders in the current generation like Mike Thornton who still value those men’s efforts.  I highly recommend Fire in the Carolinas to you!

Dr. Jim Wall
The Acts 2 Network