Regional Unity

    Carolina Charter 1663

Jesus aches for unity! In these days, God is positioning key people to occupy and posses the Carolinas in order to influence the rest of the South. His strategy has a regional emphasis to it. It reminds me of how both Joshua and the church in Acts invaded city after city until the whole region was absorbed into the presence of God. Joshua 12:1 says, “These are the kings of the land (31 kings in all) whom the Israelites had defeated and whose territory they took over.” This verse creates the image of a unified Israel possessing the land by invading city after city with the ark of God resting upon their shoulders.

In Acts, we see the church possess the land by invading city after city with the gospel message burning in their bones. Regional take-over was Jesus’ strategy to re-populate earth with the reality of heaven. Major cities and rural towns and villages were included. “…You shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8). The books of Joshua and Acts reveal that God loves to break down regional walls, cultural barriers, and ethnic challenges that stand in the way of building a united church and united region. I believe this is God’s agenda for the Carolinas, the South, and other territories all across America. The rural and isolated revivals happening now will begin to fuel the return of the mass meetings to America.

For too long the Carolinas have been divided. Birthed out of the pen of a king, the Carolinas existence was first written into affect by King Charles II in March 1663. Amazingly, both North and South Carolina were commonly known as the “Carolina’s” and were originally created to be ONE. In 1729, the Carolinas was split apart and divided into two colonies and has remained this way for centuries. Due to this split, it seems that an invisible wall has always existed between North and South Carolina, especially within the church. Unfortunately, this division has always kept ministries and movements isolated from one another. Yet, like the crossing of the Jordan or coming out of the upper room, a new day has burst forth for the church within the Carolinas.

Original Carolina Boundary Lines 

Grace to unify differing ministries, churches, and traditional denominations is being poured out. There are emerging leaders who are beginning to cross the invisible but very real racial barrier within the church of the Carolinas. Cultural segregation is beginning to bow her knee to the resurgence of a fresh Jesus movement carried by a massive wave of the baptism of fire among a new generation of believers in the South. The Bible belt will come alive again!

A craving of an authentic and transparent gospel is reshaping the religious culture of Sunday church. Good news that carries power for real and lasting transformation is on the horizon. What would it look like if all the denominations and all the ethnic groups of the Carolinas and the South begin to become absorbed into one another until all that remains is a united church that generates healing for a hurting nation? That dream may be presumptuous and big, but we do serve a big God who loves when his kids come together. It is time!



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