The Well of Azusa East Has Opened!

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Ignite Dunn: Awakening The Well of Azusa East!

“…And Jacob rolled away the stone from the mouth of the well.”     –Genesis 29:10


The Jesus Tent gathering at Azusa East (Dunn, NC) was unbelievable! Hundreds gathered nightly as the release of God’s presence exploded throughout the tent and city. The well broke loose! We saw many salvations, physical healings, and multiple demonic deliverances occur under the tent. Outside in the community, we saw rivers of Jesus flow through the streets of the city as outreach teams threw themselves into surrounding neighborhoods and businesses going door to door. From house to house & business to business, they demonstrated both the love and miracles of the gospel during the 5 days. Entire households were saved and baptized back at the tent because of their labor! C-MON Jesus! The fields are ripe for harvest!

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Convergence of Streams:

It was amazing to see different streams of revival and denominations collide at Dunn. On the first night, we saw the many of the older Pentecostal leaders, who have been carrying the flame in that region for years, pass their fire to the younger upcoming generation! And how did they respond to receiving that mantle? They washed the feet of their elders! What a transaction at the well! C-MON!

In addition, regional prayer & worship leaders came from Alabama, South Carolina, Virginia, and many other parts of the Carolinas. Through building day & night worship unto Jesus, they helped “roll away the stone” covering the mouth of the old well of Azusa East as sounds from heaven exploded through differing racial and church expressions. The well of Azusa East is speaking again!

Unbelievable Food Provision:

So many Supernatural things occurred during our 120 hrs with Jesus! Jesus gave us so much grace to feed the city daily (lunch & dinner), give away excellent clothing apparel, as well as household items. All for free! Here is an example of some things that were given out:

  • 5,000 hot dogs & buns
  • 250 lbs. of hamburgers
  • Hundreds of Fresh T-Bone Steaks (City-Wide Steak Dinner)
  • Hundreds of fresh pork chops
  • Endless snacks & deserts
  • Pallets of water
  • 10 cases of French fries
  • 2 Pigs (City –Wide BBQ)

*We didn’t plan any of this, but brought volunteers and grills to cook. Jesus provided the rest!


Mobilized Clothing Closet:

  • Local Churches donated tons of clothing to give away
  • Bed Bath & Beyond spontaneously gave $30,000.00 worth of household items
  • Hundreds of hurting families were served clothing through this avenue
  • They also received love prayers from those working the clothing tents

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Outreach Teams:

  • Daily we sent outreach teams in groups to surrounding neighborhoods and business
  • 20-25 people divided into groups of 3 and 4
  • CRI organization donated hundreds of care packages to bless families with.
  • Local food banks also donated snacks for the bags
  • Teams lead dozens of people to salvation
  • Numerous healing’s and even deliverance’s took place on porches and the streets

Some as many 40 people from the community would return to the tent nightly from outreaches.



An Amazing Story From Dunn:

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Meet D’shawn!  The first night at the Jesus Tent, D’shawn gave his heart to Jesus and was water baptized.  He said, “I am not leaving this tent.”  He stayed with us the next 5 days both in the day and evening times.  The last day, we did a city-wide treasure hunt from the tent.  D’shawn couldn’t wait to learn how to hear God’s voice and then hit the streets with the team.  When it was time to share, D’shawn mention how he saw a demonic spirit like a snake wrapped around his mother and that was somehow causing here not to see.  His mom is legally blind.  As the team set out to find treasure, they found themselves going to D’shawn’s mothers house.  As they prayer for her she begin to throw up.  A deliverance occurred right there in her living room.  After it was finished she could see!  Her eyes opened!  As the team came back to the tent and shared that expereince D’shawn mother came walking up.  She was touched and wanted to be baptized–so D’shawn who was baptized only 4 days prior lead his mom to the water and help baptize his momma!  C-MON Jesus!  Household Transformation!

Here are some pics of the Jesus Tent during Ignite Dunn:


Whats Next?  The Tent is going up Next Month in Wilmington!

Join us as we will be hosting the Wildfires School of Revival!  Its going to be an amazing time with many of the leaders who were at the Jesus Tent in Dunn!  For all info. and to apply go to:


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