Igniting Azusa



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During April 5-13, over 120 people from the Carolinas joined together and flew out to Los Angeles, California, to see a move of God. And it has come! We erected our Jesus Tent on the original site of the Azusa Street Revival (1906). Right off San Pedro Street, the tent was situated at the foot of skid row, one of the most dangerous and largest homeless populations in America. To pull this off, the Lord brought us amazing help through the CRI (Crisis Responses International) team. Approximately, 50 of their volunteers flew in from all over America and stayed on cots at the Union Mission and helped us set-up the tent, feed the poor, and break open the historic well of Azusa Street.

For several days worship teams and intercessors built day & night prayer and worship under the tent, and the power of God exploded! Our gathering at Azusa Street culminated on Sunday, April 10, when the city gave us permission to shut down San Pedro Street and cook food for the homeless all day. We came with an empty freezer not knowing anyone in L.A. but by April 10, churches and organizations had donated over 6,000 hotdogs and hamburgers. Setting tables in the streets, we fed over 5,000 people that day. In addition, teams from the Carolinas and east coast were outreaching in the heart of skid row and bringing them back for lunch.

The Carolina Jesus Tent on 312 Azusa Street:
Crazy stories from the Jesus Tent on the streets…
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Before I went to Azusa I had a dream about a woman I would meet she would have a black shirt, in the dream I prayed for her and touched her arm where she shot up. In the dream, the heroin came out of her arm as I prayed. Please pray for MJ she is the one I Came for! She Prayed for deliverance of Heroin and reconciled with Jesus! -Tami Cumbee
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So friends. This just happened. With 2 new friends help we were able to serve so many street people down here on skid row. Holly spirit came in an amazing way. People absolutely love this. Their community has its own system of rules and laws and we were welcomed with open arms. There are so many good people who after living a normal life, had one big bad event that happened to them…and they’re on the street. But they are trying to make it. One day at a time. Also, a very giving and sharing spirit is here that we all could use more of. -Leon Vannett
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Street ministry. Praying and feeding the homeless was a life changing experience. I’ll never be the same ‪#azusanow‬ ‪#streetministry‬ ‪#foreverchanged‬ ‪#love‬ -Ricky Thomas
Stories from the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
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On April 9, we gathered in the Los Angles Memorial Coliseum with 100,000 other radical Jesus lovers to cry out to God for another wave of revival to hit America. Hundreds were saved and many came out of wheel chairs as waves of salvation and healing swept across the coliseum. It was an epic day of Revival and Awakening! Crowds stood out in the rain for 15 straight hours worshiping Jesus—what hunger still exists in the heart of this nation! I am so encouraged!
azusa josewph
My Arawak Taino people were almost destroyed by the Spanish. The Native American Holocaust began with our tribe. We are the tribe of first contact and the first to be call “Indio”, the first to be enslaved and it was our ancestors that discovered Columbus wandering lost on the ocean. I thought I was healed from the pain, bitterness and hurt but these things come in layers I have learned. At Azusa, The Creator told me to walk up to a young lady who had a flag wrapped around her waist. I asked her…”where are you from? “Espana (Spain)” she replied. I broke into tears; there were still layers of hate and bitterness that I did not know I carried. I pleaded her forgiveness and then she began to weep and repented for what her Spanish ancestors had done to my people. She then knelt and placed her hands on my feet as she wept uncontrollably, pleading forgiveness. I picked her up and embraced her as the Holy Spirit healed my heart through true repentance and reconciliation. I will never forget this moment. –Chief Joseph RiverwindAzusa pic 6
“…Notice the man raising the empty wheelchair? Four people walked out of wheelchairs that day! We would be praying or someone would be speaking from the stage and then cheers would spontaneously erupt from somewhere among the crowd. God’s presence, blessing and power were very evident all weekend.” –Karen Lucas
On the Streets of Skid-Row…

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“Ever since I’ve been back from California, there has been such a incredible shift to where not only have I personally been having greater encounters, dreams, etc but I’ve also been doing things differently, my heart and life has changed that much in less than a week!!” -Tammy Smith
Here are some more scenes from the Tent at 312 Azusa Street…


In all we witnessed…
  • Dozens of people were saved
  • Several were water baptized
  • Hundreds of physical healings occurred
  • At least 5,000 people were given free food and clothes
  • Dozens of homeless folks received free haircuts

Whats Next?


Ignite Dunn: Awakening Azusa East!!! 

dunn 2


  • 120 hrs
  • 24/7
  • May 23-28, 2016
Coming out of Azusa, we feel the Lord is saying to gather in cities where the gates of revival have been established. Our first stop is Dunn, NC the site of Azusa East! The Lord gave us word that if we gathered for 120 hrs under the Jesus Tent in Dunn, He would shake that gates of the city and break a 120-year spiritual drought over the Carolinas!
From Azusa Street in the West to Azusa in the East, we believe Jesus is ripping open every hidden well in America. From this, we sense Jesus is launching us off on a spirit-lead tour with the Jesus Tent all round the Carolinas and even up into Boston later this fall. It’s going to be wild!