Jesus is Stirring Wilmington


Ignite Flyer

Two years ago, on November 2, 2013, over 1,000 believers came together in downtown Wilmington to prayer march 1.8 miles of the city. Compelled by a heavenly synergy of different denominations, generations, and racial backgrounds all coming together, it was a breath-taking display of the church taking back their city. Just before the prayer march was completed, the crowd gathered directly on the site of where a massive holiness revival shook the port city in 1892.

Standing directly on these revival bones of history, prayer leaders and government officials from all around state began to appeal to the courts of heaven for God to break-open the revival wells running deep beneath Wilmington.  As prayers began to fill the atmosphere, the dry bones of Wilmington began to rattle! Like Zachariah in the temple, God had heard our prayer.

Wilmington 2

I have great news!!!  That prayer is being answered! During December 2014, God began to stir my heart again for Wilmington. While in prayer the Lord said, “I want you to put the tent up in Wilmington for 10 days of 24/7 prayer & worship.” Having connected with some friends from the 10 days movement in Massachusetts, I knew the Lord wanted us to merge the DNA of the 10 days gatherings in New England with the 24/ 7 Ignite gatherings we have been doing in the Carolinas.

The Lord revealed to me that by bringing worship teams from the north ands south together would help break open the revival well of Wilmington. Pressing deeper into prayer, the voice of Jesus began to fill my heart with piercing words. This is what I heard:

  • I want to move here in Wilmington. During the Reverse the Curse prayer March in 2013 the gate of the enemy was closed. Now, in 2015, I want you to RE-OPEN the port so that I can walk in! For 10 days & nights I want you to gather leaders and people to worship me! To seek my face! Over those 10 days, I will break the cycles of sin and spiritual slavery over Wilmington. This is the year I will come through the open port. As you gather the fathers of the city I will gather the sons. Through this gathering I will redeem Wilmington in 3 ways: I will redeem her people, land, and destiny.

While praying for confirmation of this one afternoon, my phone rang. It was a young lady who has never called me before and I only met once in my life. Her father-in-law is a local pastor. She told me, “Don’t think I am crazy, but God told me to call you and give you a message.” She went on to say that while she was praying several days prior, God gave her a vision of the footprint of Jesus over the entire city of Wilmington.

He spoke to her and said, “He was going to move in Wilmington in 2015. That this was the year of the cities Restoration.” He also told her that there are idols in the city that must come down, and that He (Jesus) needed to be placed in authority to do so. After this, God burned my face into her mind and said, “tell this to Michael Thornton he will know what to do.” Amazingly, WHILE I am praying for confirmation to set up tent here, this call comes!

Knowing God was breathing on this, I began to ask Jesus where He wanted to set the tent up. The next day, a young doctor contacted me through our website. He said he had a vision of Wilmington while driving to work. We had never met before, but I just knew Jesus was stirring this. After our meeting, he shared with me a vision he saw around Legion Stadium in Wilmington. He said he saw worship team after worship team come and lift up Jesus. People with campers were pulling in and camping out. And through explosive worship, miracles, salvations, and healings were breaking loose. Jesus so filled the atmosphere, people were getting touched everywhere!


Immediately, I tracked down the director of Legion Stadium to see if we could use it to set up the tent. Because the field had just received new grass, he wouldn’t let us it. “However,” he said, ‘the Armory building is right next-door.” So we went next-door. The Sgt. unusually welcomed us and consented to letting use their property (which is right in front of the stadium) to set the tent up. All we had to do is sign a contract with his Gunnery Sgt. in Fayetteville ( 2 hrs away).

After 2 months of trying to make contact with Gunny Sgt. in Fayetteville, I received no response. I was getting a little discouraged. Then one morning while passing the Amory building, Jesus urged me to pull over and go inside. Sure enough the first person I see is the Gunny Sgt. From Fayetteville, NC who just happened to be visiting the Wilmington Armory that morning. Both he and I were overwhelmed and could feel the presence of Jesus. He turned to the younger Sgt. and said “give them whatever they need.” So that day I walked out of there with a signed contract in which they did not charge us a dime to use for the 10 days!! C-MON!!! So excited about what Jesus is doing in Wilmington!

The Assignment:

The Lord has given us a mandate break-open the historic port over Wilmington by ushering in 10 days of 24/7 united worship & prayer.  That is 240 consecutive hours where the flame of worship & prayer for the city and region will not go out.  We are calling for 50+ worship teams both local and regional to come and help us lift jesus name higher then its ever been in the Port City.  Young adult worship teams from the Carolinas to Pennsylvania are already coming!

By lifting up “Just Jesus” throughout the 10 days, we believe that HE will come and break down every dividing wall in Wilmington while breaking open deep revival wells within the city. Therefore, we are calling for young adults, students, every generation as well as every nation to gather under the Jesus tent in front of Legion Stadium in Wilmington, N.C. to worship, contend, pray, and love Jesus and this city with us!

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