Ignite Goldsboro: 2014


Words cannot express what happened. Just Jesus! From the very first cord that was struck on opening night, to the very last alter call given where hundreds received supernatural healings and radical salvation experiences, ignite Goldsboro was a powerful display of Jesus rescuing the lost, reviving the saved, and breaking down every dividing wall in Goldsboro.

Nearly 40 worship teams came and imparted during the 7 day 24/7 worship gathering. Some were local and some traveled as far as Spartanburg, S.C. to come and bless this historic revival city. As unending worship was given to Jesus, those present could feel the old revival well of Goldsboro burst open with such force that even drug addicts and prostitutes were being drawn off street corners giving themselves to Jesus and finding salvation, healing, and just plain ole’ fashion LOVE!

Goldsboro Tent Revival 114-1

Although there were some messages sprinkled throughout, it was the purity of unbroken worship & prayer for 147 straight hours unto the Lord that turned the heart of a city back to Jesus. The homeless filled the tent both day and night. Glued to their seats, many were unable to leave the tent and didn’t want to. Just by sitting under the waves of His presence, within just a few hours you could physically see facial expressions change, eyes that were cold and dark began to burn with light, and many seem to glow with a light not of this world.

The presence of God was so strong under the tent that it seemed as though heaven bent down and kissed Goldsboro during our time there. God’s love was so prevailing that it seemed impossible not to extend love, forgiveness, or help to someone in need. No judgment or critical attitudes were allowed; nor, was their present any trace of unbelief, fear or disease. Everyone that sought healing received it, all who sought love found it, and on the last night were a crowd of over 500+ gathered, a war cry was released that shook the entire city to its core!
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Thanks to numerous ministries in Goldsboro, Dunn, Jacksonville, and Wilmington, we were able to feed the poor, team leaders, and worship teams every day and night during the 7 days. A special thanks to White Oak Community Church (Jacksonville, NC) who came and cooked 400 lbs. of fish and gave it away Saturday evening for a free fish dinner to all who were present.

Over 2,000 people we fed due to this loving display of kindness. Even as they cooked the fish, this church was leading people to the Lord all throughout the property. How powerful it was to behold hold a city-wide love feast under the tent where the homeless & wealthy, the ignorant & educated, the saved & lost gathered together and ate dinner as a family. It felt like a page right out the Bible where Jesus provided the crowds with 5 loaves and 2 fish. C-MON!!!

In all, we witnessed nearly 50+ people get saved, hundreds of healings that included deaf ears opening, blind eyes restored, and seeing crooked backs being straightened immediately. We also witnessed one of the Wayne County Superintendents of public schools spontaneously call the children of Goldsboro forward, anointing them with oil, and speaking a fathers blessing over them.

Many kids who went forward immediately went to the floor under the power of God. I had never seen anything like this before. Under the leading of a highly ranked public school official of that county, many kids were crying and weeping on the floor unable to move. WOW! In addition, some 25 pastors of Goldsboro gathered together and prayed & wept over Goldsboro and each other in one of the most outrageous displays of unity that I have ever witnessed. But Jesus saved the best last, and I want to save the best for last about what God did at Goldsboro.

Goldsboro Tent Revival 082

The Lord instructed us to set up a small foot washing tent and “wash the feet of the city.” Little did we know that several small children would help lead the way in washing the feet of Goldsboro’s citizens. For nearly 3 hours on Saturday, 8 and 5 year olds were bent on their knees and washed the feet of the homeless, the broken, as well as the ministers of Goldsboro; the results? Our foot washing tent became our deliverance tent!

What a sight to see some 50 people waiting in line being delivered of demonic forces crying out to Jesus, while waiting for innocent little children to wash their feet and prophesy over them!! No words! Just Jesus!  We feel that ignite Goldsboro is only the beginning of a prayer & worship movement that is going to ignite every city, campus, and church with power & presence of a Jesus type movement! Keep us in prayer and follow this website to see where we will go next!

Goldsboro Tent Revival 077                             Goldsboro Tent Revival 070






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