Goldsboro: A City Birthed Out of Revival!

Goldsboro around the time of “Great Revival of 1849.”

In our pursuit to break-open wide the well of revival in Goldsboro, God has revealed something very special about the city’s history. AMAZINGLY, the city of Goldsboro was birthed out of powerful 3 week revival meeting that ran night and day for 21 days.   Check this out:

September 1849: One year before Goldsboro became the county seat of Wayne County (1848), “The Great Revival” broke out right off the Neuse River during the fall of 1849. Nightly prayer meetings were held were St. Paul’s Methodist church now stands. At the time, there were only seven “profession Christians” in the entire city.

Gripped by the fire of God, two unknown preachers came to Goldsboro with a Heavenly Assignment: “to revolutionize Christianity in Goldsboro…” and that is exactly what happened! Running night & day for three weeks the city of Goldsboro was invaded with powerful spiritual awakening that resulted in the birthing of four of the town’s major churches including: St. Stephen’s Episcopal, The First Presbyterian Church, St. Paul’s Methodist, and even the Jewish Synagogue.

In addition to birthing 4 churches, this revival harvested over 100 souls into the Kingdom. Amazingly, the city of Goldsboro was birthed & shaped out of Powerful Revival!

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