Jesus Desires Unity Among the Carolina’s

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Pastor & Leaders Confrence. Gaffney, South Carolina.


Jesus desires Unity! In these days, God is wanting to occupy and posses the Carolinas! In this season, His strategy is do this city by city as in the days of Joshua and the days of Acts! In Joshua we see Israel possess the land by invading city after city with the ark of God resting upon their shoulders! In Acts we see the church possesses the land by invading city after city with the gospel message burning in their bones. Both accounts testify and reveal that God loves to break down dividing walls and throw entire cities into spiritual revival & awakenings. I believe this is God’s agenda for the Carolinas!

For too long the Carolinas have been divided. Birthed out of the pen of a king, the Carolinas existence was first written into affect by King Charles II in March 1663. Amazingly, both North and South Carolina were commonly known as the “Carolina’s” and were originally created to be ONE. However, in 1729, the Carolinas were split apart and divided into two colonies and have remained this way for centuries. Due to this split, it seems that an invisible wall has always existed between North and South Carolina, especially within the church. Unfortunately, this division has always kept ministries and movements isolated from one another. However, like the crossing of Jordan or coming out of the upper room, a new day has burst forth within the Carolinas. And the womb of revival that has been barren for way to long, is beginning to open wide!

I am overjoyed to report that these walls are coming down and coming down fast! This past weekend we were given an invitation to sow into South Carolina by sharing at a leaders conference in Gaffney, South Carolina.   Let me say, this meeting was explosive! God stirred my heart to release a message on how HE was awakening the bones of the Fire-Baptize Movement that shook South Carolina and the South during the late 1800’s.  After intense times of prayer and intercession and ministry among 300 pastors and leaders, you could feel walls crumbling and the burnings of God being ignited! C-MON! Even after the meetings had ended, pastors who had attended, reported that their churches on Sunday were exploding with fresh fire leading to many salvation’s! It was a wonderful time to connect with some awesome friends while meeting new pastors and leaders in South Carolina who share the same heart and vision for an awakening among our lands.  Unity is the sound that Jesus can not resist.  And it feels like His desire is to see complete unity among the Carolina bride.; so that we would not only become ONE, but that we would also storm the regions of the South with an unpresidented display of Kingdom Unity.  We are so thankful to God for allowing us to be a part of something so big!    


Check this video out taken from the conference!




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Michael sharing on the Bones of Revival History in South Carolina

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Pastors & Leaders Conference Gaffney, South Carolina.