Awakening Goldsboro


While seeking the Lord, the Holy Spirit began to speak to several of us about putting up the tent next in Goldsboro, North Carolina, sometime in the fall of 2014. After praying for confirmation, the Lord answered by opening up some amazing doors in this historic city. One of these doors came through an opportunity to speak at City Surrender 2014 conference hosted by Harvest Fellowship and Goldsboro House of Prayer. Seeking the Lord as to what to share, the Lord stirred my heart about the importance of closing evil gates in our cities that have been opened through critical events from our past. It was during this conference that God did something amazing!

goldsboro 3
Matthew Lilley & the Burn Greenville family leading worship.
goldsboro 2
Re-digging Goldsboro Wells of Revival.


In response to the word, several of us felt prompted by the Spirit to journey to the birthplace of C.B. Aycock which was located just outside of Goldsboro. Aycock, who was “educational governor” of North Carolina during the 1900’s, is famously known for his education reform ideals; however, what most do not know is that Aycock was a leading voice of “separate but equal” and is credited with pushing the legislation of segregation through every public school system in the south including universities, high schools, and even elementary schools. Many of us felt that his birthplace and where he went to school, served as an open gate of evil that shifted the entire mind-set of that generation.

To our surprise, the very next day, an article was published in local news which revealed that the president of Duke University was going to remove the name Aycock off its buildings due to his involvement with white supremacy movement in 1898. Ironically, the name has adorned over the buildings at Duke for over 100 years. The president said that were going to “restore the original names” back upon those buildings. The article also announced that ECU and UNC-Chapel Hill were also following Duke’s example. C-MON!!! This is a prophetic sign from heaven that God heard our prayers and closed that gate of Baal which had been opened over Goldsboro!

Check this link out for more details…

Duke University’s Aycock Hall Renamed, Following Months of Student Protest

In response to these awakenings, we are going to launch Ignite Goldsboro on September 25, 2014, which happens to fall on the Feast of Trumpets. We feel that God wants to break down the walls of this city as he did in Jericho during the days of Joshua. In Joshua 6, the city of Jericho was the first city that had to be invaded in order to for Israel to occupy the rest of the land. The breaking down of its walls signaled the breaking down of every other walled city in that region. Like Jericho, Goldsboro is also a gateway type city into the rest of North Carolina and we believe a big key in seeing many other regions break open with revival & awakening!


To accomplish this assignment, the Lord is stirring our hearts to go 24/7 for 7 days under the tent in the downtown portions of the city. Contending in the place of un-ending worship-intercession-outreach-and a city-wide love feast, we believe the tangible presence of God is going to break down every wall of division, break open old revival wells, and set the entire city of Goldsboro on fire with the flames of the gospel! So come and join us on September 25 @ 7:00 p.m. as we contend to turn the heart of a city back to the Lord.






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