Carolina Rumblings

Since Ignite Triton, there have been many rumblings in the Spirit all through the Tar Heel state. It seems for the first time in a long time, North Carolina is on the brink of a mighty move of God! There are three strategic meetings that just occurred however, I want to mention.

!3 Colonies Procession

1. The Original 13 Colony Prayer Journey: Dunn, N.C.
Birthed out of a powerful encounter during prayer, national prayer leaders Jon and Jolene Hammil of Washington D.C. and directors Lamplighter ministries received an assignment of the Lord to visit one city in each of the original 13 colonies during the month of July. The purpose was to open the east gate of the United States for the King of Glory to come in. After reading Fire in the Carolinas, the Hammil’s, along with Mary & Jeff Medford of Carolina Strategic Alliance, felt that Dunn was the city for this epic meeting to be held. On July 9, 2014, hundreds of intercessors and pastors from all over the state came to Dunn and worshiped and prayed together on the campus of Heritage Bible College. Out of this meeting, it was said that North Carolina would be known as a state of Revival & Refuge in the days to come. It was also said that the Lord had “re-lit the lamp stand of Dunn, N.C.” and that it would be connected with the other 12 states that the prayer processional would stop at. How amazing is it that God is connecting the old revival well of Dunn, N.C. to cities like Boston, Philadelphia, Fredericksburg, D.C. etc. believing it is an essential city in our state that will help break open the whole east cost for a might move of God!

Dunn GLory 2
Opening the gate of Dunn by ushering in the ark as a symbolic gesture of God returning His Glory back to Dunn, the Carolinas, and the South.
Dunn Glory 8
Some of our Harvesters family from Raleigh!
Dunn Glory 14
Niko Peele calling us into a family revival movement!
Dunn Glory 11
John Hamil and Mary Medford establishing a culture of honor by blessing Dr. Elvin Butts, president of Heritage Bible College.

Dunn Glory Dunn Glory 12 Dunn Glory 13 Dunn Glory 10 Dunn Glory 7 Dunn Glory 5 Dunn Glory 4



2. State-Wide Prayer Meeting for Reinhard Bonnke Crusade: Durham, N.C.


On July 11, Durham N.C. hosted its second state-wide prayer meeting for pastors and leaders for the upcoming Reinhard Bonnke Crusade that will be held in Greensboro. Amazingly, an opportunity was giving for me to share on the Carolinas History of Revival and then help lead the gathering in intercession for the breaking open of old revival revivals. It was amazing! Prior to the service, organizers met in the back to pray and discuss the flow of service. Upon entry I was greeted by newly elected N.C. Senator Norman Sanderson and his lovely wife Linda. To my surprise, I had just met Linda Sanderson two days prior in Dunn at the 13 Colony Prayer meeting, where we talked and prayed together. I soon knew God was up to something! Senator Sanderson and Linda went on to open the prayer meeting and cried out for fresh move God’s Spirit to move upon North Carolina. Senator Sanderson also shared that there are more governmental officials praying in the state’s capitol then there has ever been in its history! C-MON!!! Carolina’s bones of Revival are coming alive, and now beginning to shake even the legislature of our government! This is amazing!



3. The N.C. Prayer Caucus: A Day of Repentance & Covenant Renewal

prayer cacus 7

On 7-14-14, just 3 days after the state-wide prayer meeting in Durham, the prayer caucus of North Carolina came together and meet at three different locations within the state. Being spearheaded by N.C. Senator Sanderson, his wife Linda, and many other leading intercessors, this prayer initiative served to make an appeal that the courts of heaven would align over the courts of North Carolina! Contending in the place of intercession out of II Chronicles 7:14, at 7:14 a.m., on 7-14-14, this prayer meeting was epic for our state! The first meeting took place at Salter Path, N.C. on the shores of the Atlantic, the east gate of our region. Following that morning prayer, the Senator and teams of worshipers drove to Raleigh where, they held a similar prayer meeting in the legislative building at the state capitol. Wow! Be on the lookout for major pro-Christian shifts coming to our state legislature. The prayer caucus concluded the evening by assembling on black mountain in the western part of the state at 7: 14 p.m. calling North Carolina back into covenant relationship with Jesus! C-MON!!! What a historic day for North Carolina! You know you’re in a good prayer meeting when it is being led by your state Senator(s) who, along with church leaders, are seeking to align the entire state with the heart of God for the release of Revival & Awakening. People of the Carolinas, be encouraged and do not grow weary in well doing. God is opening up the barren womb of North Carolina!

prayer cacus 2
On the shores of Salter Path, making our appeal to heaven on 7-14-14 at 7:14 a.m. praying II Chronicles 7:14.
Prayer Cacus 5
Senator Sanderson leading us in prayer
Prayer cacus 4
At 7:14 p.m. this day of prayer closed on top of the N.C. mountains.

prayer cacus 6 prayer cacus 3 prayer cacus


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