Ignite Triton: Birthing a Movement



A few months ago the Lord opened up an amazing door for us at Triton High School just outside Dunn, North Carolina. After a series of confirming prayers, dreams and visions, the superintendent of Harnett County schools, along with some amazing staff members of the school, allowed us to erect a 500 men tent on the school’s band-field. “Ignite Triton” as it became known, was a collective gathering of over 25 young adult bands and speakers from all over the Carolinas. Prior to the event which began on May 15, 2014, I learned that national interest was already being stirred about this historic meeting. Amazingly, different ministries all around the nation and the world were interceding for Ignite Triton—that God would break-out on this public school’s campus. And He did!

Giving Jesus non-stop worship & adoration for 50 straight hours at a public school under a tent, we witnessed an explosion of God’s presence that seemed to fill the atmosphere with the fire of God. Hundreds of people were impacted. Young adults who had been struggling with drugs were saved. Others were set free from demonic strongholds, and numerous physical healings took place over those 50 hours. Heaven   had invaded earth that weekend, and the best thing about it was that this all transpired on the grounds of a high school. C-MON!!! If this doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what will.

After Ignite Triton ended, the Lord spoke to us very clearly about what occurred there and where He wanted to take things. He revealed that Ignite Triton birthed a movement, and that it was going to bring unity, fire, glory, miracles, healings, salvations, deliverances, and city-wide transformation among the Carolinas, the South, and the nation. He also revealed that the tent symbolized the mantle for revival, and all who would come and seek God there would pick-up a revival mantle to carry back with them when they departed; thereby, igniting fresh fires of God’s love and passion everywhere there feet would touch.

Here are few pictures from the event:


The first night of Ignite Triton began with Triton’s High School Gospel Choir, in their very own public school auditorium.


Mary Esther, from Global River Church, bringing the Flames of Fire through prophetic worship.
Niko Peele ministering the Father’s Love after the Gospel Concert in the auditorium.





The Burn Greenville leading us into warfare worship
an alter call to receive fresh FIRE!


Garner Prayer furnace fanning the flame of 50 hours of worship and intercession.
Children’s Prophetic Art




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