New Bern and Wilmington

After Re-digging the Wells in Currituck, N.C. the Lord lead us to New Bern in October and then Wilmington in November.  These meetings have been extraordinary!

New Bern, NC

In New Bern on October 19, we partnered with Pastor Mike Rodgers of the Church at New Bern as well as other ministers from all over the state.  As we prayed to re-dig the well in New Bern, the Lord revealed to one of our prayer partners to take communion on the grounds and then deposit the bread and the wine back into the ground.  Being the blood and body of Jesus, the prophetic act of placing the communion back in the land signifies the breaking of any curses that the land might be under.  This is something that we are incorporating at all re-digging the well gatherings.   After doing this, we could sense and feel a dramatic shift almost immediately!  Wow!  This was amazing!  Breaking off curses over the land, and then asking God to re-open the wells of salvation that George Whitefield had established there over 200 years ago!  We sense that New Bern will begin to burn like never before!

Reverse the Curse Prayer March in Wilmington, NC

In Wilmington on November 2, approximately 700-1,000 people gathered in downtown Wilmington to “Reverse the Curse of 1898” by prayer marching 1.8 miles together: Black-White-Latino-Asian-and Native Americans.  This was historic!  With every step,  intercession was made by folks all over the state for the release of Revival over the Carolinas! And the Roar of Unity began to shake the atmosphere!  It was, I believe, a pivotal turning point for the city of Wilmington and the rest of the South for the days to come!  Our last prayer stop, we gathered at 5th & Campbell streets, where a massive Holiness Revival broke-loose in 1892!  That revival shook Wilmington to its core and drew over 5,000 people of all races and backgrounds to the alters of Holiness!  Wilmington was rocked with a surge of heart-purity and many churches were birthed out of that revival.  It was on this site that prayer warriors prayed for the Lord to re-open the Well of Holiness over Wilmington again!!!  With shouts of praise, and Heavens armies breaking into our midst, you could almost taste  Revival breaking out over the Port City!!!  Praise Him!

What’s to come…Burgaw, NC

Now we set our sights to Burgaw, N.C., where an incredible outpouring took place in 1896 under the violent preaching of A.B. Crumpler–a Father of the Holiness Movement.  History informs us that in 1896, A.B. Crumpler erected a large tent on the courthouse square in Burgaw N.C. and some 4,000 people came and were visited by waves of intense Revival and Awakenings! Taken place on the steps of the courthouse, there is something about bringing the natural government under the subjection of God’s Governmental Kingdom!   Join us Saturday, December 14, at 10:00 a.m. at the Pender County Courthouse in Burgaw as we will re-dig the wells of Revival in Burgaw!  Amazingly, we will be partnering with the Burgaw Holiness Church family–a church which was spawned out of that movement in 1896! Check schedule for details…

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