Re-digging the Well of Currituck, North Carolina

The Birthplace of Revival for the Carolinas

On September 28, a small group of young, passionate, and hungry worshipers are gathering on the steps of the Old Courthouse in Currituck, North Carolina to launch the Re-digging Wells Prayer Initiative.   This is a grassroots movement of united prayer & worship gatherings upon historical revival sites throughout the state.  By gathering on these exact sites where the Lord has poured out His Spirit in times past, we believe our cries for another Great Awakening will open up Heavens ears and move God’s heart again for the Carolinas.

Why Currituck NC?  About a month a ago as we pondering how to re-dig the wells, my wife had a powerful prophetic dream.  In the dream, a special package came to here in the mail.  It was a beautiful antique doll which was dressed in a garment from the colonial period.  Also in the dream were a lot of young adults and a powerful worship leader from the United Pursuit Band.  As she received the doll, an exuberant rush of spontaneous worship broke out.  On the doll was a banner that displayed the name: “Mrs. Currituck North Carolina.”  The Lord spoke clearly to us and revealed that the doll symbolized the revival history of the “Carolina Bride” and that He was calling his Bride back to her revival roots!

Through this dream, we begin to re-dig the well of history in Currituck North Carolina.  We were amazed at what we found!  We discovered that the very first Methodist sermon was preached on the steps of the Currituck County Courthouse on September 28, 1772, by Joseph Pilmoor.  Pilmoor, who was sent by John Wesley from England, was the first Methodist missionary to the Carolinas.  Perhaps more intriguing then this was what he preached on..”And He will baptize you with Holy Spirit and Fire” Matt. 3:11.  Amazing!  How awesome is it, that  Methodism’s first message to the Carolinas was “He will baptize with Holy Spirit and Fire.”  Little did Pilmoor know that 134 years later in the year 1906, the great Pentecostal Outpouring began in Dunn, North Carolina: which became known as the Azusa Street of the East Coast.  Unknowingly, Pilmoor prophesied the Carolinas spiritual DNA as a revival region into existence that day.  This also became the birthplace of the first Methodists circuits for Carolinas.

Join us as we gather on the 241st anniversary of Pilmoor message to the Carolinas to launch the Re-digging the Well Prayer Initiative!  We are believing this gathering will shift the spiritual atmosphere over all the Carolinas, and trumpet a fresh wave of revival for our region.     Afterwards, we are putting our prayers to action by going to Elizabeth City and assisting Michael Sutton and his ministry team for a prayer outreach!  Prayer + Missions = Revival!!!

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