Re-digging Carolina’s Wells of Revival Prayer Initiative

How It All Began

The Promise of Revival in the Carolinas

On Sunday April 6, 1975, about 9:00 p.m., at Deliverance Tabernacle Temple in Jacksonville, N.C. Derek Prince, the famed British statesman prophesied-

“I have found favor with you here in Eastern North Carolina.  I will personally visit you.  There will be a revival greater than that of the Great Wales Revival at the turn of the century.  There will be kings and leaders that come from the North and South and East and West to study the Eastern North Carolina Phenomenon.”

Carolinas Forgotten Revival Legacy         

Through re-digging the wells of revival in North Carolinas past, this powerful prophecy is beginning to awaken a sleeping giant.  For years, North Carolina has led the South in earth- shaking revivals.  In 1896, ten years before Azusa Street, the North Carolina Cherokee Mountains were rocked with Pentecostal power.  Cherokee Indians, African-Americans and whites were among the first recipients of this Holy Spirit explosion.  It is, to this date, one of the earliest documented accounts of the Holy Spirit baptism with speaking in tongues in America.  The wake of these meetings sent evangelistic shockwaves throughout the Carolinas and beckoned the attention of the “Apostle of Pentecost of the South” Rev. Gaston Barnabus Cashwell.

A native of Dunn, North Carolina, Rev. G.B. Cashwell was a man possessed by the Holy Spirit.  Upon returning from the Azusa Street Mission in 1906, he held a powerful Pentecostal meeting in his hometown of Dunn.  Dubbed “Azusa East”, G.B. Cashwell’s historic North Carolina meeting is now recognized by scholars as the Azusa Street of the East Coast.  Through Cashwells evangelistic zeal, this revival phenomenon ripped through the entire southern regions of the United States during the turn of the twentieth century.  In less than three years, G.B. Cashwell personally spread the Holiness-Pentecostal Movement to over a dozen states and brought some twelve denominations into the Pentecostal Movement including: The Assemblies of God, Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee), Church of God of Prophecy, International Pentecostal Church of Christ, International Pentecostal Holiness Church, Pentecostal Free Will-Baptist, and several others.  Today, over 70 million charismatic believers can trace their roots back to Rev. G.B. Cashwell and the historic meeting that took place in Dunn, North Carolina.

The Bones of History are Coming Alive!

Amazingly, history is being repeated and the wells of revival in Dunn, North Carolina are once again coming alive!  On May 15, 2013, I was given unprecedented access to conduct an evangelistic meeting in the local public high school in Dunn, North Carolina.  Several months prior, myself and others from Wilmington had revisited the birthplace of Cashwell’s famed revival meeting in Dunn and prayed, “God, re-open the well of revival in North Carolina.”  To my surprise, I received a request later that night by Triton’s High School choir director, Carolyn Doorman.  Mrs. Doorman, who has been working with the students of Dunn for years, asked if I  could share my testimony during the choirs performance at the school.  Filled with excitement, I agreed.  Mrs. Doorman had no idea that our prayer team traveled to Dunn to pray earlier that day.  Amazingly, on May 15, 2013, another historic revival broke out in Dunn, North Carolina–117 years ago to the day when it all started (May 15, 1896).  Only this time, it was during a public high school event!

Gripped by an invasion of God’s presence following the message, nearly a hundred teenagers rushed the alter and accepted Christ.  Many were weeping and shaking from the power of God that was running through the auditorium that evening. No one wanted to leave.  It seemed as if God Himself walked into the room and began to bind up the younger broken generation.  A month following that meeting, I received over 100 hand written letters from the students of Triton High School informing me of how their personal lives, school and community were changed.  The response was so impressive, that Mrs. Doorman has asked for me and the Global River Ministry team to return to Dunn’s High School and hold another meeting next year. Amazingly, the evangelistic fire that once transformed the South into Americas “Bible Belt,” is now returning to the same place where it all began: The Carolinas.

The Assignment   

Because of this, the Lord is now calling us to gather at specific old revival well sites in North Carolina and re-dig the wells by launching the “Re-digging Wells Prayer Initiative.” This is a grassroots movement of united prayer upon historical revival sites throughout the state.  By gathering through prayer-worship on the exact sites where the Lord has poured out His Spirit in times past, we believe our cries for another Great Awakening will open up Heavens ears and move God’s heart for the Carolinas.  Inspired from Genesis 26:18 we, like Isaac, believe it is necessary to “re-open the wells” of history so that living and fresh waters of revival may flow through our regions once again.  Over the next several months, we will be praying at various revival sites throughout the state.  We will kick this off where it all began: Currituck, North Carolina.  See schedule for details!

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